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Combos allow you to add custom actions when a certain combination of keys is pressed. for example, hitting A and S within the combo term would hit ESC instead, or have it perform even more complex tasks.

1. Combos

Click the Combos tab at the top and one of the available numbers below it. By default, 8 combos can be configured. This number can be adjusted in firmware at compile (Not GUI) see here for more info.

The settings for that particular combo will be shown. Up to 4 combination of keys can be configured to activate 1 action. Each key must be pressed within the combo term to be considered a combo. In the case below, pressing the +/= key and the backspace key will instead trigger the delete key.

2. Using a Combo

After the combo has been configured and saved, it can be used. There is no need to assign it to a specific key.

More info

Combos is a QMK feature and more detailed information can be found with the offical QMK documenation.