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Version 0.5

Vial version 0.5 was released on April 9, 2022.

Dynamic Key Overrides

The Dynamic Key Overrides feature allows configuring QMK Key Overrides in the Vial UI. This feature lets you override a modifier-key combination to send a different modifier-key combination. More documentation is available on the QMK website.

Complex Macro Keycodes

The redesigned macro UI allows you to easily assign arbitrary QMK keycodes to macros, including things such as layer keycodes, backlight or RGB operations, and QMK behavior toggles:

Improved Keycode Display

The new keycode selection UI makes it much easier to find keys to assign. Both ANSI and ISO layouts are implemented.

About Keyboard

The new About Keyboard screen displays advanced information about the connected keyboard:

Other Improvements

This release also includes the following improvements:

  • The list of connected keyboards will now automatically refresh
  • Improved descriptions for layer modifiers
  • New Slovak keymap
  • New EurKEY keymap
  • Added LCG and RCG keycode combos
  • Added autoshift and combo keycodes

Additionally, several minor bugs have been fixed in this release and new, more exciting bugs, have been implemented.